The Dream Team [TDT]

Team statistics
Total assists31
Total captures34
Max damage between touch/cap101
Avg damage between touch/cap47.0877
Min/Avg/Max capture tics0 / 192.81578947368422 / 1206
Min/Avg/Max capture HP0 / 20.79824561403509 / 200
Min/Avg/Max capture GA0 / 15.602339181286544 / 100
Min/Avg/Max capture BA0 / 0 / 0
Super pickup captures3
Carriers killed w/ flag in hand0
Max kills pre-capture37
Total pickup captures23
Min/Avg/Max pickup capture tics0 / 53.333333333333336 / 812
Total damage211396
Total GA damage9451
Total BA damage2814
Total flagdef damage27112
Total environment damage0
Total environment damage w/ flag0
Total damage output w/ flag in hand19585
Total flag returns292
Total frags1937
Total flag defense369
Total deaths2348
Total environmental deaths32
Total environmental flag deaths4
Number of team kills0
Total killing sprees45
Total rampages2
Total dominations0
Total unstoppables0
Total godlikes0
Total wicked sicks0
Total double kills265
Total multi kills53
Total ultra kills4
Total monster kills1
Max frags before dying274
Highest multikill spree146
Total power pickups31
Total pickup health6684
Total touches343
Total pickup touches70
Min/Avg/Max touch health-5 / 64.21233547667065 / 200
Min/Avg/Max touch GA0 / 26.598684210526315 / 103
Min/Avg/Max touch BA0 / 12.096491228070175 / 200
Min/Avg/Max touch HP resulting in cap0 / 32.304093567251456 / 200
Touches over 100% HP4