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January 20, 2015, 04:27:58 PM by Ralphis
Tune in tonight at 8PM to hear the WDL Winter 2015 Draft Live! on the Unidoom Twitch.TV channel. The draft will be preceded by a WDL round table discussion by community members.



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January 03, 2015, 06:08:28 PM by Tony

I am very proud to announce one of the core features of WDL that everyone was waiting on: WDLBUX.

What is WDLBUX?

WDLBUX are credits assigned to your forum account and are given through active participation within our community.  WDLBUX are given for posting new topics, signing up new members, and for all around being a good member.  Future implementations include WDLBUX-based achievements.

How can I use WDLBUX?

WDLBUX can be used at the official WDLBUX shop.  There are many cool features in the shop and I would like to encourage everyone to check it out.  If you aren't the shopping type,...

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December 31, 2014, 03:50:34 PM by Ralphis
It's time to officially kick off the second season of the World Doom League! I'm Ralphis, the commissioner of the WDL. >> SIGN UP HERE <<

Signups for the second ever WDL season are now open! Our first season was a resounding success built on the shoulders of a great community with great players. If you'd like to be a part of this, it's time to move on over to the signup thread and put your name down.

If you are unfamiliar with the WDL, read on for more information.

What is the World Doom League?

The WDL is a 3-on-3 CTF league, played on Odamex, and built on tried and true competitive tr...

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December 20, 2014, 08:25:47 PM by Ralphis
Welcome back as we gear up for the World Doom League's second season. With signups kicking off on the first day of the new year, the league is hoping to expand and have another season of high level and, most importantly, fun play. Please feel free to take a look at the Winter 2015 Time Table for a list of league dates. As always, dates are subject to change. Get excited!

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August 30, 2014, 09:35:15 PM by Ralphis
Congratulations to the first ever WDL Champions, [ADD] (Water, Tai, Dragon, Alt_Stab), in their 3-round victory over the Super Chargers in the Championship Classic! Demos of the game are available on the forums for those who missed the contest.

Thanks to everybody for making the first WDL season a huge success. Please don't forget to leave feedback on your time in the league. We will soon announce our winter schedule and we look forward to seeing you (and hopefully more) again.

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WDL Summer 2014 Schedule

Week 1 - Map07 ZDCTF07
Jul 7 - Jul 13

[TMC] (2) vs [SUPER] (0)

[ADD] (0) vs [SDC] (0)

[SUC] (1) vs [SHQ] (0)

Week 2 - Map06 SMARTCTF01
Jul 14 - Jul 20

[SUPER] (0) vs [ADD] (2)

[SDC] (2) vs [SUC] (1)

[SHQ] (0) vs [TMC] (2)

Week 3 - Map24 RAGECTF20
Jul 21 - Jul 27

[SDC] (1) vs [SHQ] (0)

[SUC] (2) vs [SUPER] (0)

[ADD] (2) vs [TMC] (0)

Week 4 - Map17 THIRTY4-17
Jul 28 - Aug 3

[TMC] (FFL) vs [SUC] (FFW)

[SHQ] (1) vs [ADD] (2)

[SUPER] (1) vs [SDC] (2)

Week 5 - Map04 ZDCTF04
Aug 4- Aug 10

[SDC] (2) vs [TMC] (1)

[SUPER] (2) vs [SHQ (0)]

[SUC] (1) vs [ADD] (2)

WDL Playoffs
Aug 11- Aug 17

[TMC] (0) @ [ADD] (2)

[SUC] @ [SDC]

WDL Championship Classic I- Map08 ZDCTF08
Aug 11- Aug 17

#1/4 Seed vs #2/3 Seed

WDL Summer 2014 Standings

Team Name W L T PTS PF PA
y-[ADD] Adderall Drunk Drivers 4 0 1 16 38 13
y-[SDC] Stardust Crusaders 4 0 1 14 33 23
x-[SUC] Super Chargers 3 2 0 12 21 29
x-[TMC] The Mall Cops 2 3 0 9 20 20
e-[SUPER] SupeRBots 1 4 0 6 21 29
e-[SHQ] Shaq Fu 0 4 0 3 17 40