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Author Topic: WEEK 7 - PLAYOFF SEMI-FINALS [DEC 4 - DEC 10] Discussion  (Read 315 times)


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WEEK 7 - PLAYOFF SEMI-FINALS [DEC 4 - DEC 10] Discussion
« on: December 02, 2017, 05:59:53 PM »
December 4th - December 10th

(#5) Damn! [DEM]
Rude, turSKA, Starrk, Halloween
MAP32: Insane Gunslinger Compound (THIRTY7-27)
[BST] Best Ever (#1)
RoSKing, Avc, Cartel, Dastan
MAP23: Mercurial (RAGECTF10)

(#3) Techno Vikings [TKV]
Caution, Zakken, Infer, Godlike
MAP08: Something Epic (ZDCTF08)
[SUC] Super Chargers (#2)
Ralphis, Jwarrier, SkullRush, Souler


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Re: WEEK 7 - PLAYOFF SEMI-FINALS [DEC 4 - DEC 10] Discussion
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2017, 05:47:58 AM »
#5[DEM] vs #1[BST]:

This semifinals matchup opens on BST's home field map of 23, a repeat of the last week of the regular season. DEM struggled against TKV that week, while BST, after stumbling out of the gate, faired much better. DEM just put up a stellar performance in the quarterfinals on map 32, their home field, and I don't see any reason they won't be flying high there again this week. So for me this matchup comes down to 23. If DEM can put up a better effort than they did in week 5 and/or BST starts slow again and gives up a round, then DEM would have a chance to win this on 23. I think that's their path to victory.
For BST it's simple. If they win the first two rounds, they can either steal one on 32 or wait till 23 comes back around.

DEM has considerable talent on their roster, they're finally practicing, and they're coming off a nice first round win. I think having played 32 competitively once already gives them an edge there. I say DEM will take one of the first two rounds on 23, and then wins both rounds of 32 to complete the upset.

#3[TKV] vs #1[SUC]

SUC and TKV will open their semifinals match on 28. Back in week 4, both teams performed extremely well on this map. SUC ripped off an easy 2-zip win, but it was against a DEM team that had almost no practice that week and had no prior experience on the map. Meanwhile TKV took down the number one team in the league in a hard fought 3 round match that came down to the last minute, so they're battle tested on 28. Which means SUC is going to be in for a challenge.

I think map 08 will be similarly close. It's hard for me to find an edge for either team here, as both have considerable experience on what is one of Doom 2 CTF's most well known maps.

I think we as viewers are in for a treat either way this goes, as I think it's almost a lock to go 5 rounds. In the end, I think SUC may have an edge on 28, and that will bring them the win. Now I need to stop slacking and get back to work. GLHF.
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Re: WEEK 7 - PLAYOFF SEMI-FINALS [DEC 4 - DEC 10] Discussion
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2017, 06:14:42 PM »
Really surprised with the GPS vs DEM game.  Thought for sure GPS would have taken that series easily.  Pretty close with the TPT game, though.

As for the matchups for this week...

DEM vs BST.  Starting with map 23.  The reason for our slow start was mainly because I was completely distracted for the 1st half of the first game.  I was giving out calls, but wasn't getting anything back.  I started to get worried that I was on the wrong TS channel or my mic wasn't working.  After GPS went up 3-0, I said screw it and started to use my binds and play based on just instinct and experience with the map.  After that, we only gave up just one cap the remainder of the series.  As for DEM, Rude on D, Turska/Starrk on mid/o.  Avc is very solid here and I hope this time we can get some practice in.  Didn't get any the entire week for our game against GPS or any warmup.  Fully expect to be using TS this week.  Map 32 will be tough, not sure if I'll be D or mid.  Real important to keep Rude/Turska from entering the base with full health to help eliminate any chance for the RJ and to control that blue armor.  Avc will be VERY dangerous here.  But yeah, I feel good about this matchup.  BST W

TKV vs SUC.  TKV always starts off slow.  They've lost/tied 5 of their 6 game 1's but always adjust very well.  They beat SUC in week 3, however, that was when SUC had Skull.  No knock on Skull, he has played very well, but Souler seems to be a better fit, mainly due to his lower ping and of course he's a solid player.  TKV will have their hands full for sure.  I see SUC getting the win.  SUC W


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Re: WEEK 7 - PLAYOFF SEMI-FINALS [DEC 4 - DEC 10] Discussion
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2017, 09:10:09 PM »

Rude has an ammar shield of mythical proportions and turSKA

Spoiler: show
can activate iddqd midgame

meanwhile avc is making his debut as a professional Atlanta rapper giving dem the practice advantage as well as the ingame advantage. Dem takes it in 6 rounds 3-2-1(one is a tie)


both maps are maps that tkv is comfortable playing with meanwhile SUC's only strength comes from their homefield which tkv has shown to be more than capable of playing on. TKV in 5 3-1-1(one tie)


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Re: WEEK 7 - PLAYOFF SEMI-FINALS [DEC 4 - DEC 10] Discussion
« Reply #4 on: December 07, 2017, 03:21:52 PM »