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WDL Winter 2018 / Re: Winter 2018 Sign-up Thread
« on: January 22, 2018, 08:27:32 AM »
Name: Ralphis
Country: USA
Preferred contact: #wdl, WDL Discord, Teamspeak
Regular Availability: Most evenings
Want to be a captain?: Yes

WDL Winter 2018 / Winter 2018 Sign-up Thread
« on: January 22, 2018, 08:26:33 AM »
Signups for WDL Winter 2018 will be open on Monday, January 22nd, 2018 until Tuesday, February 6th, 2018. Interested players may sign up using this template:

    Name: Ralphis
    Country: USA
    Preferred contact: #wdl, email, WDL Discord, etc
    Regular Availability: Most evenings
    Want to be a captain?: Yes

The WDL is an open league. We are first and foremost interested in signing up active players in WDL, and the best ways of us finding out who's active and who's not are Private CTF, IRC, and this thread. If you know of players who would be interested, feel free to have them sign up here.

The best way to increase your chances of making it onto a team is to play Private CTF with the other WDL players! For Private CTF info and the latest WDL news, visit our IRC channel, #wdl at

WDL Winter 2018 / Winter 2018 Time Table
« on: January 22, 2018, 08:24:47 AM »
Winter 2018 Time Table
Last updated: 01/22/2018
Monday, January 22nd, 2018
Sign up period for Winter 2018 season opens on the WDL Forums.

Friday, February 6th, 2018
Signups close and free agency is solidified.
February 7th - 11th, 2018 (Date TBA)
WDL Radio Presents...WDL Winter 2018 Draft Live!

(WDL Pre-Show Panel)
8:00PM EST
(WDL Winter 2017 Auction Draft)
9:00PM EST
Monday, February 12th, 2018
Week 1 of Regular Season begins.
Wednesday, February 28th (Week 3) @ 11:59pm
Inter-team trading is closed for the season.
March 19th - March 25th, 2018
Playoffs Quarter-Finals

March 26th - April 1st, 2018
Playoffs Semi-Finals

April 2nd - April 8th
DemonSphere Championship Classic IX

Wads & Mods / Re: My new map01 replacement
« on: January 01, 2018, 08:00:40 AM »
Clearly an early work of a mapper. It won't win any awards, but it was fun enough for the 2 minutes it lasted. Eventually, try making all of the monsters work together within a set to make better fights. Right now, you're just lumping together monsters of the same type and it leaves a lot to be desired.

Other Stuff / Re: Sign up for Manual Returns CTF Tournament
« on: December 22, 2017, 11:27:24 AM »
Unfortunately I have to drop out because I am bad at reading calendars

WDL Discussion / Re: Proposals for future WDL seasons
« on: December 14, 2017, 07:22:28 PM »
There's just a couple of variables to set it up however you want it. One is that, when you touch your flag to return it, you actually pick it up and have to take it back to the stand yourself. This means that, in bizarre standoffs, one player can actually even end up with both flags in their possession. Another is that you can change the time that a flag automatically returns so if you make it something longer like a minute, it'll usually give players enough time to grab onto it again.

Not a great mode for maps with insta-death floors or voids, but fun on most other maps. Definitely a change of pace on the traditional formula that raises the stakes for defenders and mid.

WDL Discussion / Re: Proposals for future WDL seasons
« on: December 14, 2017, 03:34:43 AM »

Honestly manual returns own. I'd run a single manual returns tournament just to do it

BST has really been a great team that has flown under the radar despite their record. That might have to do with their fairly light schedule early in the season (they played the bottom 3 teams). But Rosking has done an excellent job. Early in the season, I didn't think they would be able to get a lot done with Cartel as a newcomer and Dastan as an off-the-street pickup that could only play one day per week.

I was very wrong. Rosking has BST rolling with captain-of-the-year credentials. He went into a playoff game against a very, very good DEM squad and beat them without the league leading runner AVC. Cartel has made a strong case for rookie of the year for sure.

Caution has whined both seasons about being captain - why that is I cannot figure out. He had the first and only perfect regular season for any team ever last season and has continued that dominance into the fall. After dropping their first game of the season, TKV has been on a 6-game win streak heading into the championship match. He's a great captain and his players have been great as well. Zakken has dealt nearly 700 more damage per round than anybody else in the league this season. Infer is near the top in flag touches per round.

This battle is going to come down to the homefields. If BST can win their first two rounds, I think they take this game. Then again, I thought that would stop TKV against us last week. At the end of the day, I think TKV edges out BST 3-2-1 in 6 rounds.


WDL Discussion / Re: Proposals for future WDL seasons
« on: December 13, 2017, 05:38:49 AM »
3-Man Rosters vs 4-Man Rosters: We had 3 man teams in the first season of the IDL. It was a never-ending disaster. It's easy to predict that 3-man squads will be just as easy to schedule (or fix broken schedules) when you haven't spent seasons scheduling the games. If anything, the season we just played proves that the 4th enhances and bolsters a team's roster. All 8 teams used all 4 of their players in meaningful ways this season. It's also been a great way, historically, for newer or lower skilled players to become acclimated to the league without being thrust into a soul crushing position of responsibility before they're ready.

Also, in regards to picking experienced players (upper tier) as captains, we try to do this EVERY season. It's incredibly difficult to find anyone to volunteer and we often have to beg like pathetic dogs to fill out our captain roster before the draft. The past few seasons have had our best turn-out, probably ever, for filling in captains.

Maps: Every map in the pack will never be considered "good" by all players, or even most players. Personally, I hate about 1/3 of the pack as it is. The trick with the map pack is to offer a number of different play styles, which is really what the WDL schedule should be all about. Are Map01 and Map31 frag grind fests? Yes, of course. But some teams are built for this type of map and they might pick it as a home field.

I had nothing to do with putting this season's schedule together. At the outset, I looked at map28 and said that it was a piece of crap that shouldn't even be in the map pack. I was wrong. It's a very good map. This happens often with many of the maps we play. A week's worth of practice can change a lot of opinions or thoughts as new strategies and tactics are developed. Map31 plays drastically different than Map06, but both have value in providing drastically different play styles that might force contrasting types of teams to adjust.

With that said, there will be some tweaks to the wad and maps going into next year.

41 News / Fall 2017 Semi-Final Playoffs Matchups/Times
« on: December 03, 2017, 07:09:40 AM »
WDL Fall 2017
#5 Damn! [DEM] (MAP32) @ #1 Best Ever [BST] (MAP23) - Gametime: Saturday, Dec 09 @ 5:00PM EST
#3 Techno Vikings [TKV] (MAP08) @ #2 Super Chargers [SUC] (MAP28) - Gametime: Saturday, Dec 09 @ 8:00PM EST

42 News / Fall 2017 Wildcard Playoffs Matchups/Times
« on: November 27, 2017, 06:09:49 AM »
WDL Fall 2017
#5 Damn! [DEM] (MAP32) @ #4 Giant Pea Shooters [GPS] (MAP18) - Gametime: Saturday, Dec 02 @ 7:00PM EST - Winner faces BST (MAP23)
#6 The Phantom Troupe [TPT] (MAP02) @ #3 Techno Vikings [TKV] (MAP08) - Gametime: Saturday, Dec 02 @ 9:00PM EST - Winner faces SUC (MAP28)

WDL Fall 2017 / Re: Fall 2017 Exit Interviews
« on: November 26, 2017, 08:29:03 AM »
The only thing I would consider changing is taking out the waivers. It is just, in my opinion, a waste of time that makes inter-team trading and dropping to and adding from free agency a lot more complicated for all of us.
That is just my opinion. I would love to hear your opinions, too!

I'll take this opportunity to explain what waivers are and why we use them.

Firstly, waivers do not affect inter-team trading at all. For the first 2.5 weeks, teams can trade players and homefield pick order between each other.

Waivers exist to prevent certain teams not having an opportunity to grab good players. For instance, Dranzer was dropped this season by TPT. If waivers didn't exist and I knew that was about to happen, I could've immediately put in to pick up Dranzer as soon as I heard Tai was dropping him.

Waivers prevent league officials and "insiders" from being able to pick up recently dropped skill players quickly and to deter "skill dumping". It prevents a top team from grabbing these players before all teams have a fair opportunity to know that the player is available. The closer a team is to the bottom of the standings, the more priority they receive in claiming a player. That's why the bottom ranked SXP was able to claim Dranzer after Tai's drop instead of a top team like SUC or BST. If a player passes through the 2-day waiver period without being claimed, they are fair game to be added/dropped at any time (See: SUC adding Souler a week after he was dropped from SXP).

There is a ton of precedent with waivers working in the "real world". Professional sports leagues do it, as well as fantasy sports. It helps maintain a level playing field, prevents collusion, and contributes to a more competitive environment.

WDL Fall 2017 / Fall 2017 Exit Interviews
« on: November 25, 2017, 03:55:26 PM »
With the regular season wrapping up tomorrow, there's a 90.9% chance that you won't win the championship, but that's ok - there's always next season! Please give your candid thoughts, criticisms, praise, etc on the season, including what you think can be done better in the future. Thanks for participating and we hope to see you next season!

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