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WDL Stats/Rule Changes / Re: Country representation
« on: February 21, 2018, 12:04:23 PM »
Fun fact: Winter 2018 is the first season where USA doesn't take up more than half of the player list. Mexico also takes second place as the largest representative of any season, with a 12.82% showing for that same season.

WDL Fall 2017 / Re: Week 4 Highlights
« on: February 19, 2018, 11:03:45 AM »
Good stuff, Perro!!!

WDL Winter 2018 / Re: WEEK 2 - MAP01 CORE36 [FEB 19 - FEB 25] Discussion
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:56:16 AM »
Game of the week! BST's looking as impeccable as expected, but even though TPT started off with a disappointing tie against QMP, Tai and Caution have long proved their ability to mess up the rhythm of even the most stacked teams. With Tai/Caution vs RoSKing/Infer taking centre stage in a TDM-esque fragfest, I believe the deciding factor will boil down to how much Legion and SkullRush/Dastan can outplay each other. Had this been a playoff match, I'd give TPT the edge here, but given how we are still on Week 2 of the regular season, BST should be the favourite to take this against a TPT that is still trying to find its footing.
BST 2-0 TPT (in 3)

Coming off a heartbreaking loss, SXP gets a lucky break this week by facing off against Razor's uncoordinated team. PEE's only hope is to play Dranzer, so they can stand up a fight frag power-wise, since Razor is not much of a fragger himself. Although, even if PEE were to find a way to practise regularly, it is still awfully unlikely that SXP will drop any games this weke.

SUC came out strong in week 1, securing a hard-earned win against SXP to start the season. QMP, on the other hand, is also coming into week 2 with positive momentum on their side, as they made a superb comeback to deny TPT their win, exceeding expectations. This is looking like the most even match-up of the week, and if every player engages their clutch factor, this should end as the second tie of the season.
SUC 1-1-1 QMP

Oh hi Stab
BSK lots of flags-a few flags GPS

WDL Winter 2018 / WEEK 2 - MAP01 CORE36 [FEB 19 - FEB 25] Discussion
« on: February 18, 2018, 03:58:49 PM »
Week 2 - MAP01: Red Shift (CORE36)
February 19th - February 25th

Best Ever [BST]
RoSKing, Infer, Legion, TMD
4 pts (1-0-0)
[TPT] The Phantom Troupe
Tai, Caution, Dastan, SkullRush
2 pts (0-0-1)

Giant Pea Shooters [GPS]
Alt+Stab, DevastatioN, Denzoa, ALMN
4 pts (1-0-0)
[BSK] Berserker Packers
Zakken, Halloween, Starrk, OurHero
0 pts (0-1-0)

Professional Esports Enthusiasts [PEE]
razor, turSKA, Dranzer, PerroNDoN
0 pts (0-1-0)
[SXP] Sexual Panthers
HumanBones, Rude, Tony, Unknown
1 pt (0-1-0)

Super Chargers [SUC]
Ralphis, Jwarrier, Souler, Hugoxds
3 pts (1-0-0)
[QMP] Quantum Power
Dsparil, Dragon, Langrenus, im1hpu0
2 pts (0-0-1)

WDL Stats/Rule Changes / Re: IDL Information Station
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:01:00 AM »
Fixed, ty!

WDL Winter 2018 / Re: PEE ON TOP
« on: February 12, 2018, 10:18:05 PM »

WDL Winter 2018 / Re: WEEK 1 - MAP24 RAGECTF20 [FEB 12 - FEB 18] Discussion
« on: February 12, 2018, 12:47:18 PM »
Tai vs QMP
While I wouldn't call this the "game of the week", I would certainly call this the most interesting match-up that should not be missed. Tai drafted a tried-and-true combination of a top player + 2 priv regulars, while Dsparil went for the 100% European juice, a first in WDL history. Tai's team looks like the favourite to win, with his superb D pressure in MAP24 and Caution's elusive Mid/O play, but QMP's team chemistry and fragging power might prove to be a secret weapon to throw their opponents off. In the end, however, I doubt QMP will be tapping into their full potential just yet, as Langrenus and im1 are still quite new to Odamex, and Dsparil and Dragon might not be enough to hold off Tai's team in this map.
Tai 2-0 QMP

With both teams starting off the season with the classic RalphBones match-up, this will be the game of the week. Ralphis has brought back his team from last season, while Bones brought back his own team from the season before that, so rest assured their chemistries will be on-point for this match. This map seems to reward crafty, tricky runs more than it rewards runs based on raw pressure, so for this map in particular, I would say SXP has the edge here.

Stab has drafted what I personally consider to be one of this season's strongest teams on paper, so Razor's first obstacle will be an intimidating one. turSKA and Dranzer are talented players in their own right, but PEE's team play will need to be heavily worked on if they plan on standing a chance against GPS. Stab is no stranger to playing with Dev or Starrk, so he should struggle a lot less making his team composition break whatever ideas Razor's team might try to pull.
GPS 2-0 PEE (in 3)

WDL Winter 2018 / Re: Post in this thread to get drafted instantly
« on: February 12, 2018, 12:30:08 PM »
Everyone who posted in this thread got drafted, see? I wouldn't lie about these things :doomgod

WDL Winter 2018 / Meet the Winter 2018 Captains!
« on: February 12, 2018, 12:27:30 PM »
It's about that time for another captain introduction!! An observation to be made here is that I wrote 90% of this before the draft.

Minnesota, USA
Captain of Giant Pea Shooters for 7 seasons
Summer 2015 Runner-Up
Fall 2016 Semi-Finalist
41 games played

Alt_Stab has long established himself as a WDL staple among captains. In spite of having a rough 2016 with only one playoff showing out of three seasons, Stab has shown remarkable management as a captain and individual improvement as a player the year afterwards, having finished both the Winter 2017 and Fall 2017 regular seasons with positive 3-2-0 records, coupled with an upset victory against champions Techno Vikings last season. Being the versatile captain with strong intuitions that he is, an unpredictably strong draft might be all it takes for the veteran to push the Pea Shooters a few steps ahead and nab a championship belt.

United Arab Emirates
First-time Captain
Winter 2017 Runner-Up
Highest dRAT in the league (8.42)
First Eurasian captain in WDL history

Before WDL, Dsparil competed solely in Zandronum for quite a few years, so it came off as no surprise to those familiar with his name when he came out with guns blazing in WDL, proving himself an important asset in the late DemonSphere's The Dream Team run to the seventh Championship Classic. His presence in the Fall 2017 season left some to be desired, mainly due to The Phantom Troupe's inconsistent commitment to practise and showing up to matches, but the team's 6th place in the standings betrays his playoffs performance, as he made sure to give the eventual champions Techno Vikings a run for their money. Currently hailed as one of the strongest Europe-centred players, and with a knack for superb fragging power, his captaining experiences learned from IFL, GFA and GDA will be put to the test.

California, USA
Captain of Sexual Panthers for 6 seasons
Winter 2016 and Fall 2016 Champion
Semi-Finalist in every other season except for Fall 2017
44 games played and the highest frag count in the league (6752)

HumanBones's storied legacy as a captain since the IDL days remains one of the greatest in Doom CTF history, which is why it was a shock to many that the Fall 2017's Sexual Panthers had fallen apart the way it did. Bones is clearly not one to be swayed by negative momentum, however, since his seemingly endless struggle to become a Doom league champion in the IDL was finally rewarded by his dominance in the 2016 seasons, followed by a strong underdog performance in Winter 2017. With a new wave of WDL maps in the horizon, the stage might be set for a new Bones with new tricks up his sleeve to get revenge on those who defeated him the season prior.

Florida, USA
Captain of Super Chargers for 8 seasons
Fall 2016 and Fall 2017 Semi-Finalist
Hasn't dropped below 3rd in 6 out of 8 regular seasons
Most games played in the league (48) and most flag touches (2138)

SUC is back, baby. Ralphis never ceases to impress with his drafts every season, building a seemingly flawless chemistry with his teammates in almost every known iteration of the Super Chargers. After a 2016 of mixed results, Ralphis came back stronger in 2017, terrorising almost every other team in the regular seasons. Unfortunately, the playoffs, in all of their knockout best-of-5 gravitas, remain his greatest demon to this day, as he has only won two playoff matches in his WDL career. Make no mistake though: with some team adjustments for more consistent performances in the daring playoff gauntlets, a much-coveted championship for the Chargers might be just around the corner.

Alberta, Canada
First-time Captain
Fall 2017 Quarter-Finalist
2nd highest oRAT in the league (6.69)
3rd highest flag capture rate (1.64 points per game)

Arguably the rookie captain storyline of the season, Razor had a lukewarm introduction to the WDL, with a 1-3-1 record in his first season for Tai's The Phantom Troupe. The kid has shown promising performances, however, having scored plenty of flags against even the stronger teams of that season, notably being just a couple of flags short of beating powerhouse Best Ever on week 2. His strong commitment to the game has allowed him to quickly improve himself over time, and this will be his golden opportunity to level up and show everyone what he's made of. Although his skill is undeniable, his draft capabilities remain a mystery, but with his ever-so-perceptive observations on the game and its players, he ought to cook up a fearsome team to shake up the regular season, and most likely the playoffs as well.

Michigan, USA
Captain of Best Ever for 2 seasons
Summer 2016 and Fall 2017 Runner-Up
1st place in both regular seasons as a captain
4th highest RAT in the league (22.21)

The big cheese of [R] himself, RoSKing makes his third showing among the captains' ranks. Aptly named the "Best Ever", his team compositions have been nothing short of extraordinary, becoming every team's most feared opponents in both seasons they came around and achieving the top seed both times. His non-captain roles as a primary pick for DemonSphere's The Dream Team in Summer 2015 and Jwarrier's Regulators in Winter 2017 were also essential for those teams to thrive, which just goes to show how much impact he's had on the league thus far. A master of aggression, he'll be looking to push his game even further, so that he may break what seems to be a 2nd place curse for him, and fully live up to his team's name.

Connecticut, USA
Captain of The Phantom Troupe
Summer 2014 Champion
Winter 2015 Runner-Up
Fall 2017 Quarter-Finalist

To say Tai's history as a captain during the IDL era is long would be an understatement, as he captained in all of its 15 seasons. When he made his occasional WDL showings, however, it was a big surprise that he chose to remain a free agent for his first couple of attendances, although he would make his full return to the league two years and a half later, and took in the helm of a captain once more. Tai's new beginnings were rocky, to say the least: after what seemed like a strong draft on paper, he finished the regular season with a disappointing 1-3-1 record, barely seizing a spot in the playoffs after edging out a win against Hurt Me Plenty. TPT in the playoffs, on the other hand, was a whole different beast, barely losing against the #3 seed Techno Vikings. Having firmly re-established his footing in the league for a new season, Tai will be sure to silence some nubs on his second coming.

ParanĂ¡, Brazil
Captain of Stardust Crusaders for 3 seasons
Fall 2017 Champion
Winter 2015 Runner-Up
2nd highest dRAT in the league (8.24)

As fate would have it, in this season I'll be fully realising my return to form! After 3 seasons of varying successes as a captain, and spending a full year taking my time off from the league afterwards, I made my return in 2017. Starting off as a member of Alt+Stab's Giant Pea Shooters, we finished our regular season at 3-2-0, only losing to the #1 and #2 teams. After losing against the Sexual Panthers in what was arguably the most exciting game of that season's playoffs, I would return months later in the Fall season as a member of Caution's Techno Vikings, in which I played a part in taking the captain to his back-to-back championship victory, and my first time as a WDL champion. Now a captain once again myself, I'll be using every trick in the book to replicate Caution's successes.

WDL Winter 2018 / WEEK 1 - MAP24 RAGECTF20 [FEB 12 - FEB 18] Discussion
« on: February 11, 2018, 09:37:08 PM »
Week 1 - MAP24: Sanctum (VELOCTF20)
February 12th - February 18th

The Phantom Troupe [TPT]
Tai, Caution, Dastan, SkullRush
0 pts (0-0-0)
[QMP] Quantum Power
Dsparil, Dragon, Langrenus, im1hpu0
0 pts (0-0-0)

Sexual Panthers [SXP]
HumanBones, Rude, Tony, Unknown
0 pts (0-0-0)
[SUC] Super Chargers
Ralphis, Jwarrier, Souler, Hugoxds
0 pts (0-0-0)

Berserker Packers [BSK]
Zakken, Halloween, Starrk, OurHero
0 pts (0-0-0)
[BST] Best Ever
RoSKing, Infer, Legion, TMD
0 pts (0-0-0)

Professional Esports Enthusiasts [PEE]
razor, turSKA, Dranzer, PerroNDoN
0 pts (0-0-0)
[GPS] Giant Pea Shooters
Alt+Stab, DevastatioN, Denzoa, ALMN
0 pts (0-0-0)

WDL Winter 2018 / Re: WDL Winter 2018 Free Agency List
« on: February 10, 2018, 12:33:47 PM »
One thing I believe must be addressed is the whole deal about Razor being a captain. Obviously he's rubbed a lot of us the wrong way for a variety of reasons, myself included, but he is still arguably:
- a very active and reliable player;
- a strong player who still boasts impressive records in spite of his team's placing;
- somebody who took the initiative to captain, of which we're definitely short-handed of.

I strongly propose we all try as much as we can to be supportive and encourage him to do a good job on his first time ever being a captain for something, so that he enjoys his time in the WDL. Like him or not, he is an important member of the league right now, and the last thing we want is to make players like him regret committing as much to the league as they do.

WDL Winter 2018 / Team Names
« on: February 09, 2018, 02:32:38 PM »
Preferably post your team names on Discord so I or WDL admins can update this post!

Alt+Stab - [GPS] Giant Pea Shooters
Dsparil - [QMP] Quantum Power
HumanBones - [SXP] Sexual Panthers
Ralphis - [SUC] Super Chargers
razor - [PEE] Professional Esports Enthusiasts
RoSKing - [BST] Best Ever
Tai - [TPT] The Phantom Troupe
Zakken - [BSK] Berserker Packers

Wads & Mods / Re: kronik's dumb edited thread
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:43:52 AM »
Why did you remove the map link????

Well, no matter, because I mirrored the map here:

WDL Winter 2018 / Post in this thread to get drafted instantly
« on: February 08, 2018, 12:48:00 PM »
It works, I promise :vincemoney

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