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31 News / Season 8 Coming: September 2017
« on: August 01, 2017, 05:06:21 PM »
Stay tuned for WDL Season 8.....

Wads & Mods / Re: Updating Duel2015.wad
« on: March 16, 2017, 07:42:33 PM »





WDL Discussion / Re: Proposals for future WDL seasons
« on: March 10, 2017, 12:20:37 PM »


Shrewd upper tier players who are focused on winning in a cut-throat style will game this system quickly. Why should I captain when I can franchise with DemonSphere and have him spend all of his money on his first nomination who happens to be HumanBones?

Unless of course what you want is to put together a Miami Heat squad, in which case the draft prevents this as long as the other captains are also drafting competently and competitively. I feel Water's season with JBlair is what to expect if we introduce franchising. That season wasn't necessarily a disaster, but there was an inescapable air of inevitability that really put a lid on the excitement level.

So, I did a poor job of explaining how the process would work with an auction draft. I'm not sure if it will change your minds, but I can understand why you are currently against it. Basically, let's say that 5 of our 8 captains franchised a player. Those 5 captains would enter into the auction draft with a lesser amount of money to bid on players than the 3 captains who chose not to franchise. For instance, lets say we give the 3 captains $30 and the 5 captains $12. That means those 3 captains can easily outbid the 5 on an available player, meaning we will not see any "super teams". DemonSphere and Ralphis will not be able to bid $28 on HumanBones, they would only be able to bid $11. I feel like this eliminates your concerns about creating the Miami Heat (even though they were little bitches who lost 2/4 of their Finals appearances).

As far as making it less fun for newer players, well, it doesn't really change anything from the way we currently run things. There are less players who go through the auction draft process but it's the same amount of players that will be playing on teams. So the incentive to be noticed is still there, and I don't believe it makes it any more or less difficult for someone to make it onto a team. That particular problem needs to be solved separately IMO.

I am inclined to disagree on 5-player teams not being the best idea. I'm just not sure how feasible it is to get a group of free agents playing in a server once a week trying to prove themselves when we've got such a short regular season without a lot of chances for these people. My idea behind 5 people on a team is, a lot of these people are already helping teams practice on a daily basis. At the very least, having them on a team opens them up to suggestions and advice from players who are playing in games. Captains as well. You know, a lot of these players just show up for practice and work on their own and they aren't really involved in the process of a team preparing for a map throughout a week. I just feel like that could be really beneficial.

WDL Discussion / Proposals for future WDL seasons
« on: March 09, 2017, 08:00:18 AM »
As we enter the second calendar year of the WDL having three seasons, I think it would be a good idea to talk about ways we can make things a little more interesting around here. Especially with the increase to 8 teams, I believe the league can take some chances and try some different things. Now, some of my proposals (franchising) are intended for use in just 1 of the 3 seasons a year, as I still feel that the "traditional" style that we run now with the straight auction draft is great. Comments, feedback, criticisms, concerns, insults, as well as praise are what I'm looking for here so please I'd like to get as many responses as possible.


Ah yes, it is a sore subject for some, but for others I think it is something that would make them more motivated. For those of you that don't know what it is, franchising is defined through the by laws of the now defunct International Doom League Inc. as follows: "A franchised player is a player who is placed on a team by skipping the draft." Basically a captain and another player can team up with each other before the draft, ensuring they'll be on the same team for the entire season. There's potential that this addition to a single season a year could increase player motivation as well as perhaps bring back some people who have left us. Should this be implemented, I think we could continue with the auction draft style. Captains who franchise would be given less money for the draft, and their spot in the nomination order would follow the captains who do not franchise anybody.

Season Schedule Voting

I believe I did this once as Commissioner of the IDL, but I'd handle it differently this time. Additionally I feel like this is something that could be put in every season. Basically, for one week out of the schedule, players in the league would have the opportunity to vote on a map for inclusion in the season. My proposal is that Ralphis chooses his top 3 maps to be put into that week, and opens it up to a forum vote. That way, they are still Ralphis approved, and at the end of the day he gets to decide where the winning map gets placed in the schedule to fit the other maps. I am always surprised when people hate maps I love and vice versa, so I think this offers some increased player involvement.

Expansion of the WDL Wad to 36 maps

Yes, 32 is already a lot of maps. Yes, we put in quite a few new maps with the latest WDL wad. From zdctf to odactf to velocity ctf and everything in between, there's a treasure trove of maps that deserve to get played on a regular basis without removing favorites and without removing maps that haven't been given a shot. I think an additional 4 maps would increase the chances of a team choosing something unexpected as a homefield, and it would add to the possibility of having 3 very diverse regular season schedules. I've always believed that if a team is truly the best in their respective seasons, they should be able to win on any map in the wad and not just the overplayed ones. Look at it this way: each season there is potential for us to see 11 different maps; 5 in the regular season and theoretically, 6 completely different maps in the playoffs. That's a highly unlikely scenario, but the question is, why should it be?

4-player teams to 5-player teams

This is in response to the post that Spooky made, but it speaks to a larger problem we have had in both the IDL and the WDL. It's incredibly difficult for a new player to break through and get on a team before they lose interest in signing up again. We have had a huge influx of new players over the years and very few of them manage to stick around. A lot of these people show up for practice, and let's face it, running some sort of reserve league is a lot of work when done in tandem with a regular WDL season. The best option is to have a dedicated captain take a shot on these new players and try to help and teach them. The only way that's going to be possible is to give these players an incentive to stick around. Being on a team and having the possibility of playing should be enough.


We did this same exact thing on one of our very first Nitro sessions, and it was pretty crazy. These maps aren't made for more than 4 people, so we should definitely try to shove as many as possible into the server!

WAD: onslpack
Mode: DM
Maps: 51 (map01 - map51) on shuffle
Players: 16-player TDM
Frags: 50
Server: [WDL]
Date: Friday, March 3rd, 2017 @ 7:30pm EST

See you there!


Ralphis and myself were recently interviewed by 40oz and Splatterhouse on World Extermination Radio, where we discussed the WDL and Doom Multiplayer. WXR World Extermination Radio is currently in it's second season, and so far they've sat down with many of the important figures of the Doom Community. Check out their YouTube Channel as well as the Doomworld thread for more great interviews.

Thanks for having us!

WDL Winter 2017 / Re: WEEK 3 - MAP18 CORE24 [FEB 20 - FEB 26] Discussion
« on: February 23, 2017, 07:18:36 PM »

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