Summer 2016 Standings

Best Ever72548:2920016123.202.40161847882210.90
Sexual Panthers52548:2911015143.002.801489861012651.27
The Dream Team32543:5211012112.402.20128880912401.12
Giant Pea Shooters12543:520208171.603.40119692718830.79
Super Chargers02431:560205151.253.75106572593030.93

June 27, 2016, 10:16:01 pm by HumanBones
Alt_Stab, Xenaero, and HumanBones give an in-depth breakdown of the Week 2 matches and the strategies that led to each outcome. They discuss how the comments they made last week about map11 compare to their thoughts this week after having played the map. Next, the discussion jumps into Week 3 and the inclusion of another "new to the WDL" map in map19. They talk about the similarities and differences between map11 and map19 and how they believe each team should approach Week 3. Player of the Week bookends another exciting edition of WDL Radio!

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June 22, 2016, 12:43:15 am by Ralphis
WDL Summer 2016
WEEK 2 - MAP14 Toxic Refineries II [JUN 20 - JUN 26]
Giant Pea Shooters [GPS] vs The Dream Team [TDT] - Gametime: Friday, June 24th @ 11:00 PM EST
Wumbologists [WUM] vs Super Chargers [SUC] - Gametime: Sunday, June 26th @ 8:00PM EST
Sexual Panthers [SXP] vs Best Ever [BST] - Gametime: Sunday, June 26th @ 9:00PM EST

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June 20, 2016, 10:13:19 pm by HumanBones
Please join HumanBones, Alt_Stab, and new permanent co-host Xenaero for the first edition of this seasons ever popular WDL Radio podcast! They take a look at the results of Week 1, where teams had highly contested matchups on an old favorite, map31. The discussion takes a turn towards Week 2, breaking down the implications of a brand new map to the WDL in map11 and how they expect each team to perform. Ending the broadcast is the award winning segment Player of the Week, which gives a shout out to the players who went above and beyond for their teams.

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June 14, 2016, 08:20:06 pm by Ralphis
WDL Summer 2016
WEEK 1 - MAP31 Mount Zero [JUN 13 - JUN 19]
The Dream Team [TDT] vs Wumbologists [WUM] - Gametime: Friday, June 17th @ 8:00PM EST
Best Ever [BST] vs Super Chargers [SUC] - Gametime: Saturday, June 18th @ 10:00PM EST
Giant Pea Shooters [GPS] vs Sexual Panthers [SXP] - Gametime: Sunday, June 19th @ 9:30 PM EST
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June 09, 2016, 07:47:11 pm by Ralphis
NEW LIVE STREAM LINK: https://youtu.be/-MoSdMI3v0o

This coming Friday, tune in at 8PM to hear the WDL Summer 2016 Draft Live! on the Unidoom Twitch.TV channel, hosted by the WDL Radio crew of HumanBones and Alt_Stab. The draft will be preceded by a WDL round table discussion by community members.

This season currently has a player pool of 29 players, many of whom are looking to make their first marks on a WDL roster. Check out the full and current list of players for the upcoming Summer 2016 season by clicking here!.

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